Essay Outline Template

essay outline template

An essay outline template is not really that hard to create considering how papers are basically formulaic. Note that there are different types of essay which means that body or content of the paper may vary from one work to another. The introduction and conclusion basically require the same information though and will not be that hard to accomplish. For those who are currently doing a paper, following is a basic yet effective essay outline template.

  • Introduction
  • A single paragraph, an introduction should start with a compelling sentence that will grab the reader’s attention. It is usually stated as a question or provides a useful quotation related to the topic. From here, the writer can expound on their essay, providing general view of their topic and what is their stand or point of view.

    • Paragraph I – Information
    • This is the major point of the essay where the writer touches the different factors relating to their topic. Typically, it can include the cause and effect concept of the story, outlining what major factors have happened to prove the original point.

    • Paragraph II – Information
    • Again, this involves additional information, usually not as big as the first one. However, it should providing supporting argument to the discussions. Make sure to provide an example for this as well if need be.

    • Paragraph III – Information
    • Most individuals stop at two paragraphs to prove their point which is not really a good idea. As much as possible, students are advised to give three or more supporting arguments for their cause. This is especially true if the essay happens to be a persuasive type. With more supporting examples, it would be easier for the reader to be convinced into the writer’s way of thinking.

  • Conclusion
  • In here, the writer will wrap up the essay, connecting all the dots and logically restating their stand. It should also provide a quick recap of the main points and it logically addresses the problem at hand. Close it by appealing to the reader’s own logic and making a convincing argument to get them thinking.

That’s basically how an essay outline template goes with one paragraph for each part. Notice that following the outline is fairly easy and is in fact the easiest part of the whole exercise. The hardest stage is usually the starting point so it pays for students to already have an essay topic in mind. This way, they will be more flowing with their words. Don’t forget to proofread the essay for any grammatical or spelling errors. A good tip would be to read the essay out loud. If it sounds wrong then chances are there are some mistakes that need correcting. Never cram for an essay paper.