Writing an Outline for a Compare and Contrast Essay

compare and contrast outline

A compare and contrast essay outline is important while writing a compare and contrast essay as the essay style is very rigid. An outline helps in remaining within the borders of this rigid style of essay writing.

Basically a compare moreover contrast essay shows the comparisons and dissimilarities between two things. In this format there is no scope for the writer to put personal views and narrations. The writer has to take an unbiased approach and show the facts in true light. In order to do this it is important to prepare a compare and contrast essay outline which will guide him while writing the essay. Similar to other essay outlines a compare contrast essay outline basically consists of three sections. The first is the introduction. This section can be further sub divided into subsections if needed. The introduction should specify the purpose of writing the essay and set the tone about what to expect from the essay. The second section is the body of the essay. This can be further divided into similarities and differences between the objects being compared. Finally the conclusion should include the conclusion of the discussion and restate the idea introduced in the opening section.

While writing an outline for a compare and contrast essay there are few things that need to be kept in mind. Firstly the writer should have an unbiased view while writing the essay. So the outline should include topics which give ample scope for both the things which are being compared to present their case in a fair manner. The writer should not favor one over the other depending on personal choice. This can be difficult at times as it requires lot of research t come up with unbiased views. To approach this you need to conduct proper research then jot down all your findings in a summary format. Once this is done separate the similarities and differences. Put together an introduction, followed by the similarities differences and finally the conclusion. This way you can easily write the outline for the essay.

A compare and contrast essay outline format is very handy when writing the outline. This format can be easily downloaded from the internet or you can check with your peers. Basically the format has all the details required to create the outline except the subject. Once you mention the subject or the essay question, you can easily create an outline for your essay. Of course some changes would be warranted but the format is a great time saving tool. If you are writing multiple essays, you can create your own formats based on previous experiences and use them for your essays.

Next time you are faced with the question – how to write an outline for a compare and contrast essay, make sure to use the tips given here. If you do that you are guaranteed to complete the outline and essay in no time. You can save time on researching for a template when you can create one for yourself in half the time. The outline will be more meaningful and clearly define the essay. Overall you will find these tips extremely beneficial and a great aid for your essay writing needs. And the best part is you can use these tips for writing other types of essays and even share them with your peers.